Insurance Law and Compensation of Damages (personal injury, traffic accident)

Insurance law deals with disputes between an insured (individual or legal entity) and insurance professionals (companies, brokers, agents).

Conflicts with an insurance company can be particularly complex and tedious.

Me FOREST assists you to resolve any conflicts or to increase any compensation guaranteed by professional or private civil liability, life insurances, or insurances related to a loan. In case of refusal of warranty coverage, please contact me.
Insurance law is a branch that must be approached with the following areas. This is why M. FOREST is also qualified to assist you in case of a traffic accident and for compensation due to a personal injury

Traffic accidents

The litigation of traffic accidents absolutely requires the approach and support of a lawyer.
Anyone who is the victim of a traffic accident can be compensated.

For information, the compensation obtained by a lawyer is almost systematically higher than that the one obtained by the victims who deal with the insurance companies themselves, and this for almost half of what they should have obtained by submitting their dispute to a court.

The amount of compensation depends on the damage, which is obtained through:

  • Expertise, which assesses the quantum of the injury from a forensic expertise;
  • The legal and judicial translation of this quantum to obtain the compensation amount.

The lawyer is needed at each stage, to enable the assessment of the harm, to communicate with the medical expert, and then to legally translate this expertise to respond to the insurances that often try to minimize the quantum and amount of heads of damage.

Thinking that not using a lawyer will make you save money will result in an economic loss in the long run.

Bodily injuries

Bodily injury can result from all types of damage, including traffic accidents, assaults, medical accidents, sports accidents, work- related accidents, in everyday or domestic life.

It is a matter of compensating as fairly as possible all the heads of damages caused (professional prejudice, temporary and permanent functional deficit, temporary work injury, moral injury, and aesthetic prejudice).

The role of your lawyer is essential, he will assist you in the process: from the medical experts in charge of assessing your state of health, to the legal translation of your damages in order to obtain the best compensation.

These moments are always complicated and difficult to live through, that’s why there is no need to add to your burden the regret of an unfair compensation.

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