Lawyer Sviatoslav Forest

Sviatoslav FOREST received his law degree from the BESANCON Law Faculty, he then followed the law course training in the Ecole régionale des avocats du grand Est (ERAGE) in Strasbourg and eventually became a member of the Besançon Bar.

Mr. Forest holds a Master degree in employment and social relations law. During his studies he also had the opportunity to intern at the French Social Security.

He is also member of an association dedicated for medical well-being (HELLOMICI association). Moreover, he cultivates relationships with Bulgaria, a country with which he has set up legal partnerships in order to constantly exchange on the development of rights and the acquisition of new legal practices.

Dynamic and involved, Mr. FOREST will put his energy and his working capacity at your service to ensure the best follow-up of your dossier.

Moreover, to help you better, your lawyer talks French, Bulgarian and is also able to communicate in Russian.

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Fields of expertise


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    Property legislation / Construction law

    Real estate and construction law covers property disputes (neighborhood disturbances, co-ownership), rental disputes (rent collection, lease termination, eviction, repairs to damage, insalubrity, recourse to security), as well as construction law (accidents or disorders, implementation of guarantees – perfect completion – biennial – decennial)

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    Business and corporate law

    Business law concerns all issues (commercial contracts, transfer of business, commercial leases) and disputes between traders (commercial court), defined as such by the Commercial Code (those who carry out commercial acts and make it their usual profession), and sometimes non-traders.

    Corporate law governs the incorporation of companies (drafting of articles of association, formalities, ), transfer and assignment of companies.

    If associations have also questions, they are welcome: drafting adapted statutes, explanations of the steps to be taken, and disputes to be foreseen or avoided.

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    Penal Law

    Before all courts, in the investigation phase as well as in the trial phase, M. FOREST accompanies you, whether you are accused, defendant, accused, victim or civil party.

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    Family Law

    Family law includes support in case of the separation of a couple’s relationship (divorce, termination of PACS and cohabitation), as well as all family procedures (adoption, change of name), or family conflicts such as inheritance, maintenance obligations, changes in visiting and accommodation rights…

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Lawyer’s fees

The fees determination come from a fee agreement which will be decided according to the current case.

You are informed of the fees and of the mission of your lawyer before any procedure is started.

There are three possibilities:

  • Legal protection insurance

    The legal protection insurance is a contract which enables the payment of Lawyers’ fees, entirely or partially, according to a contractually defined scale.

    This legal protection insurance is sometimes automatically included in another insurance contract (car or home insurance for instance): contact your insurance company for further information about it.

  • Legal aid

    According to the State funds, the latter may grant you a legal aid to cover your lawyer’s fees; the conditions and the file to fill-in are available on the Internet.

    Nevertheless, it is possible that your lawyer may refuse to be financed by legal aid if it does not provide sufficient compensation for the work necessary to deal effectively with your case.

  • Fees

    If you can’t benefit from these two previously enumerated solutions, the fees are determined according to different modalities:

    – According to the time spent:

    Hourly rate of 200 euros all tax included (166.66 tax excluded)

    – Hourly fixed rate

    Of course, the fees presentation is for indicative purpose only and doesn’t take into account the particular situations that we take care to define during the consultation.

    Whatever the case might be, a fee agreement will be signed before any procedure is started: you will therefore be informed of the exact cost of the procedure.

    Clarity and transparency: no disappointment

  • Consultations

    –  Simple general consultation 75€ taxes not included 90 € all taxes included

    –  Legal advice consultation 200 euros/hour all tax included

  • Family relations proceedings

    Divorce by mutual consent

    With child and act of sharing drawn up by notary 1500 € taxes not included 1800 € all taxes included

    Without child and act of sharing drawn up by notary or no asset to share
    1250 € taxes not included 1500 € all taxes included

    – With child and act of partition drawn up by lawyer 1833,33 € taxes not included 2200 € all taxes included

    Divorce without mutual consent

    (Basic rate for out-of-court proceedings, without children and without compensatory allowance).

    From 1250€ From 1500€

    Separation out of wedlock 700 € 840 €

    Post-divorce proceedings (amending measures) 900 € 1080 €

    Name change 500 € 600 €

  • Criminal proceedings

    Appearance on admission of guilt 600 € 720 €

    Tribunal de police (Police court, Criminal Court for contraventions)
    700 € 840 €

    Tribunal Correctionnel (Criminal Court for misdeamenours)


    From 700€ / From 840€

    Civil party

    From 700 € From 840 €

    Assistance in custody

    From 500 € From 600 €

    Cour d’assises (Criminal court for crimes)

    Custom made estimate

  • Administrative proceedings

    From 1200€ all taxes excluded 1440€ all taxes included

  • Civil proceedings

    Tribunal d’instance (District court)
    From 600€ all all taxes excluded 720€ all taxes included

    Tribunal de Grande Instance (High Court) Ordinary law
    From 1250€ all all taxes excluded 1500€ all taxes included

    Construction law
    From 1500€ all all taxes excluded 1800€ all taxes included

    Pre-trial judge (per incident)

    500€   600€

  • Enforcement judge

    From 750€ to  900€

  • Civil or commercial summary proceedings

    From 1000€ to 1200€

  • Evaluation meetings

    From 250€ to  300€

  • Commercial proceeding

    From 1500€ to 1800€

  • Social pole of the High Court

    From 500€ to 600€

  • Labour court procedure

    Conciliation Office Assistance :
    500 €   600 €

    Judgment :
    From 1000 € 1200 €

    Départage (Settlement in labour court procedure) :

    700 € 840 €

  • Appeal Court

    Social chamber :

    From 1000 €   1200 €

    Civil chamber

    From 1200 €   1440 €

    Commercial chamber

    From 1440 €   1680 €

    Social Mediation

    From 1000€  1200€

  • postulation

    500€ 600€

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