Liability – medical, banking, tort, contractual

Medical liability is not to be neglected; it includes in particular :
– Medical error or malpractice;
– Misdiagnosis;
– Nosocomial infection;
– Breach of duty to assist;
– Breach of medical confidentiality

Whatever your procedure might be, M. FOREST accompanies you before the court (civil, repressive or administrative) or the competent administration (ONIAM), and also intervenes at your side in case of negotiation with an insurance company.

Contractual, general and special liability

  • Contractual liability concerns in particular cases of poor execution or contractual non- fulfilment.

It may also involve the signing of a contract whose consent may be questioned.

  • Contractual liability also applies in the case of latent defects and lack of conformity.

The lack of conformity is due to a difference between the agreed and the delivered item; the latent defect concerns an item with a defect affecting its normal use.

These responsibilities require the verification of legal conditions that your lawyer will be able to explain to you. He will seek with you the best solution to your dispute.

M. FOREST is able to assist you for all these questions.

He also assists you to solve the problems of :

  • Defects of consent ;
  • Failure to perform or improper performance of contract;
  • Derivative actions
  • Specific contractual clauses (penal, resolutory)

Tort liability

Tort liability is defined in the Civil Code :

Any act of man, which causes damage to another, obliges the one through whose fault he has succeeded in repairing it.” (1240 Civil Code).

M.FOREST is available to assist you in obtaining compensation for your damage:

  • Resulting from the liability of one’s act;
  • Vicarious liability (e.g. parents’ responsibility for their child);
  • Liability of the actions of things (e.g., a pedestrian falling on the sidewalk of a resident who has not shovelled)
  • Liability due because of an animal under our responsibility.

Don’t neglect reparation if you are a victim of damage: contact me.

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Banking liability

Relations with banks can be complicated and difficult to deal with in case of a dispute. However, the banking responsibility is framed and must allow you to exercise your rights and in particular in case of:

  • Sureties bonding, professional or personal ;
  • Duty to advise and caution;
  • Rules for credit operations;
  • Credit card problems;
  • Real estate loan

Consumer law

The consumer is the physical person acting in a non-professional field.
He is protected from the professionals by specific rules, which should be implemented to ensure that his rights are guaranteed.

This field covers the following issues :

  • Purchase and delivery issues (undelivered good, late delivery, damaged good, defective good and latent defect, advance payment)
  • Garage problem (billing, repair, damaged vehicle)
  • Telephone operator problem (line, commissioning, billing)
  • Transportation problem (loss of luggage, reservation, cancellation)
  • Non-compliance with the duty to inform ;
  • Unfair terms

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