Social security law

The second branch of social law, social security law, concerns both employers and employees.

It concerns disputes against the social security system, in particular those relating to work-related accidents, occupational diseases, etc.

Employers and medical professionals

Has your employee been the victim of an accident at work, or has he developed an occupational disease? Your employer’s account will directly be affected if this accident is charged to your employer’s account.

Your lawyer, M.Forest, intervenes before the social courts, the social pole of the high court, in order to rectify, correct and cancel, if necessary, the charges on the employer’s account.

In the case of actions lead against you based on an inexcusable fault on the part of an employee, an appropriate and adequate defence is required.

It is always possible to carry out an audit of your company, for the implementation of the single document, and other mandatory displays.

Medical professional?

Whatever your dispute with the social security might be: contributions, suspicions of fraud following an inspection, your lawyer will assist you, both in the civil and in the penal field.

  • Entrepreneurs

A problem with your URSSAF contributions? Do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Employee

In case of an accident that occurred at the workplace forcing the employee to be on sick leave, the employee is then said to be “in an work-related accident”.

It can also be a commuting accident or an accident on assignment.

He then benefits from a special protection, in particular in the event of dismissal, and from daily allowances that do not entail any loss of salary. The same protection is granted to an employee who is a victim of an occupational disease, i.e. caused by the practice of his work.

However, coverage may be refused by social security, forcing the employee to file an appeal: the role of the lawyer is then to provide assistance to the employee.

Are you a victim of a work-related accident or of an occupational disease that the social security refuses to cover?

Do not hesitate to contact me.

The employer has an obligation towards his employee to guarantee his health and safety. He must take steps to prevent accidents: in the case of a work-related accident or an occupational disease, an action for inexcusable fault is therefore possible.

If this recourse succeeds, he then compensates the prejudice caused by a damage whose risks the employer could not be unaware of.

Do you feel that your employer has committed an inexcusable fault by not properly ensuring your safety while he was aware of the risks?

Do not hesitate to contact me.

Do not neglect the assistance of a legal professional who is familiar with the special rules applicable to this action in order to be sure you get the compensation to which you are entitled.

M.Forest also intervenes in case of :
– denial of disability pension,
– disputes related to the percentage of permanent disability following the consolidation by the social security doctor.

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