Labour law & civil service

A branch of social law, labour law governs relationships between employers and employees.

As soon as an employment relationship has been established, employer and employee must respect the obligations incumbent upon them and respect their respective rights.


Do not simply endure deadlines and problems: anticipate them.

Do not neglect the fundamental role of your lawyer, the sole professional able to foresee the consequences of the actions which are under consideration.

  • Individual working relationships
    • Drafting of employment contracts, endorsements, strategic clauses,
    • Remuneration policy
    • Disciplinary sanctions
    • Preparation and implementation of a dismissal procedure (disciplinary or economic) Assistance in the termination of employment contracts other than dismissal
  • Collective labour relationships
    • Organizing professional elections/facing electoral disputes
    • Drawing up internal regulations
    • Negotiating and drafting company agreements
    • Crisis management (strikes, site obstructions)

Problem’s anticipation is essential, starting with the drafting of the employment contract, which is not to be neglected. (Special clauses, such as working time clauses)


Employee and civil servant

  • Employee under private law

Whatever your situation is and the ordeal you are facing, support and responsiveness in the area of labour law are essential. Your lawyer will take the time to listen to you, understand your legal issues and find out a solution.

    • Termination for disciplinary or economic reasons / unfitness for work / professional inadequacy
    • Disciplinary action (warning/reprimand, disciplinary layoff)
    • Victim of harassment (moral or sexual)
    • Victim of discrimination
    • Wage demands (overtime, backpay) challenges to special clauses (non- competition, packages, mobility)
  • Civil servant

Do you fall under one of the civil service statutes (state, territorial, hospital) ? Your lawyer will also be able to assist you in this field.

  • Unions

Collaboration with employers’ unions to take care of the interests they defend, as well as those of their members.
Employee trade unions are also welcome, for any dispute among their members, employees, and also disputes related to professional elections.

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